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On the bisexual pride flag, purple represents bisexuality,
Purple is also a color of royalty
TL; DR bisexuals are royalty. You can now refer to me as Your Royal Bi-ness

maolaowai sent:

Do you think is possible to be 'racist'/ prejudiced against (not Americans but) American culture. As a dominant culture can anti-Americanism be seen as a prejudice? This is something my friends and I have been discussing. I'd love your opinion! Thanks!


It’s possible. I think it happens a lot when white people from places like UK, Canada, Australia, etc. adopt a shallow cultural (not economic) anti-Americanism in order to derail from their own numerous problems with racism. Everyone in the world is affected by US cultural imperialism, but the richer a country is, the less they have to be affected and the more choices they have. Their kind of anti-Americanism sounds an awful lot like sour grapes that their culture isn’t the one currently on top. 

There’s also the issue that “America” is really a word for two continents and cultures in Central and South America, and Mexico, get erased when it’s used to only refer to the US. People in Mexico have numerous reasons to be “Anti-American” because they’re severely impacted by cultural imperialism (accompanied by economic imperialism) from the US. 

I don’t think political and economic “anti-Americanism” is ever prejudice. It’s just a rational response. You can hate US government and policy while still getting along with individual US citizens.

If Latin America had not been pillaged by the U.S. capital since its independence, millions of desperate workers would not now be coming here in such numbers to reclaim a share of that wealth; and if the United States is today the world’s richest nation, it is in part because of the sweat and blood of the copper workers of Chile, the tin miners of Bolivia, the fruit pickers of Guatemala and Honduras, the cane cutters of Cuba, the oil workers of Venezuela and Mexico, the pharmaceutical workers of Puerto Rico, the ranch hands of Costa Rica and Argentina, the West Indians who died building the Panama Canal, and the Panamanians who maintained it.
—Juan Gonzalez - Harvest of Empire: A History of Latinos in America (via anything-for-selenas)

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